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Molland Manor House - Historic Building of Kent

Molland House Ash History

Molland Manor House is a grade II listed building and a Historic Building of Kent.

Set behind a fine avenue of lime trees, Molland House, the manor house of the village of Ash, has a very interesting history and has been written about in many books, such as, "A Corner of Kent, Ash-next-Sandwich" and the famous "Hasted's History of Kent".

Molland House was first built in 1262 by the De Moland family, then renovated in 1561 by Sir Christopher Septvan alias Harfleet.

The house has a wealth of original features, including beams, some with original tudor roses and an heraldic stained glass window with the Septvans coat of arms.

The local church has a Molland chancel / chapel with many brasses and statues of the Septvan family.

Molloand House History

The History of Molland House

The History of Molland House

The History of Molland House